Drukenmiller Investment Services business model comprises a compelling array of investment products and investment management expertise. Whilst the underlying specialists operate independently of one another, they all benefit from Drukenmiller Investment Services’ robust infrastructure, financial and centralized support functions. This allows the investment teams to concentrate solely on portfolio management and research.
Our objective is to be a leading provider of liquid, high-alpha investment strategies across a diversified range of asset classes and geographies.

Markets remain sensitive to the influence of political as much as economic decisions and we continue to see spikes in volatility. This creates a difficult environment for trend following strategies and the risk on/risk off environment means that investor sentiment remains fragile.

In light of this challenging backdrop we are focusing on the things we can control as set out in our four strategic priorities:

Performance - Deliver strong risk adjusted long term investment performance. Achieve industry-leading risk-adjusted performance across a wide range of liquid investment strategies.

Growth - Focus on generating high-alpha investment opportunities. Develop high-alpha investment products and restructure existing products to appeal to a broader client base.

Distribution - Ensure distribution effectiveness. Reorienting the distribution effort to reflect the increasing demand from institutional channels and away, in particular, from guaranteed products.

Efficiency - Cost reduction. Our key focus is implementing our cost saving programs and running the business as efficiently as possible.

Maintain balance sheet efficiency - As the mix of our business changes away from guaranteed products we will continue to focus on maximizing the efficiency of our balance sheet.

A diverse investor base

Drukenmiller Investment Services has a geographically diverse investor base. We distribute to private investors through a network of advisers and have a dedicated institutional sales force.

Client service is an essential part of our growth strategy. We focus equally on expanding our investor base and serving existing investors. Our extensive global distribution network, long established local relationships and high quality technology enabled investor reporting gives us a competitive advantage.

Our offices are staffed predominantly by local people, such that investors and distributors can work with specialists who speak their language and understand the culture and nuances of doing business in each region. These specialists monitor fiscal, regulatory and secular trends in local markets first hand, and are able to adapt and expand our product line accordingly.


A performance driven culture
To achieve superior performance for our clients and shareholders we need to have the right people in the right roles, fully motivated and competitively paid. We are very conscious of the need to provide appropriate development for our talented and increasingly international workforce. Encouraging effective collaboration and teamwork across the company, within the bounds of regulation and good governance, is a key part of our Human Resources strategy.

Global mobility
Our Global Mobility Program enables us to meet specific business needs within given markets or business areas. Assigning people overseas assists us in attracting, retaining and developing our people in order to meet our business goals and strengthen our geographic footprint.

Highest standards of risk management

Strong risk management supports sustainable performance and is essential to protect the long-term interests of both Drukenmiller Investment Services’ shareholders and the investors in our products. Robust risk management is an essential component of the management of our funds, and of Drukenmiller Investment Services. In both areas, Drukenmiller Investment Services is fully committed to the highest standards.

Our Approach

Fund management
• Investment committees within each investment manager
• Risk management, investment and operational due diligence processes covering investments in underlying managers; large and growing managed accounts platform with position level transparency and daily risk management; Drukenmiller Investment Services is a signatory to the Hedge Fund Standards Board best practice standards
• Independent fund boards and monitoring of service providers such as valuation agents and fund administrators

Risk management
• Comprehensive risk framework to establish risk appetite and to measure and manage market, credit, liquidity, operational, strategic, business and reputational risks
• Sophisticated economic and regulatory capital framework designed to meet our internal needs as well as those of our regulators
• Ultimate responsibility for risk governance at Board level, with support provided by a series of focused committees and independent risk, compliance and audit functions to ensure escalation and follow up of key risk issues